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Published on:  2018-03-07 14:15:00


Calcata is a very special place, wrapped in silence and fascination, a rare gem in the rich panorama of the Viterbo area of Tuscia and "an extraordinary anomaly". Abandoned by practically all of its residents in the mid nineteen-thirties, during the early sixties this wonderful little village entered a new era. Its natural surroundings and unusual architectural features made it an attractive meeting place for painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, actors and culture enthusiasts, whose presence contributed to the renaissance of the village, giving it a unique charm combined with an atmosphere and hospitality rarely found nowadays. The medieval village of Calcata stands on a spur of tufa rock above the Treja valley; it is the starting point for various routes that cross the Valle del Treja Regional Park, on foot or on horseback. The village is entered from below, through a double doorway in the walls which leads to the only square. From here the narrow streets radiate outwards to the sheer cliff edges, where magnificent views can be enjoyed. Underfoot, the tufa rock is carved into a myriad of passages, cellars and occasional tombs. The village's ancient origins date back to the Faliscan people, coeval with the Etruscans, whose civilisation reached its height in this area between the 7th and 6th centuries Before Christ.

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