Loquis: La Spezia, a monument celebrates the Gate of Sion

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La Spezia, a monument celebrates the Gate of Sion


Published on:  2019-06-23 13:09:00

  Kosher Life

A broken heart and the waves of the sea that collect it. From the Gate of Zion to the Promised Land. The memorial, which has been installed on the Pagliari pier in the form of a symbol since 18 June, together with an exhibition itinerary, represents what is probably the most important historical event in the city of La Spezia. And in 2006 it was awarded the gold medal for civil value. The departure of the ships Fede and Fenice, from that pier in Fossamastra in 1946. On board there were a thousand refugees, Jews who had escaped the Nazi concentration camps and wanted to leave for Israel. The English closed the port. And the stems showed great solidarity. Concretely contributing, bringing support, food, clothing. An exhibition, at the cruise terminal, will remain open until September 18, every day except Mondays.

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