Loquis: Jewish and international cuisine returns to the dock

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Jewish and international cuisine returns to the dock


Published on:  2019-06-14 12:15:00

Expires on:  2019-06-16 23:55:00

  Kosher Life

From this morning until Sunday, from 9 am to midnight, the dock will be animated by the traditional European Market, which will allow you to taste specialties from various parts of the world. The event organized by Fiva Confcommercio will be, in addition to the dock, in Piazza del Brandale and Piazza Rebagliati. The market brings together over 150 exhibitors from all over the world, in a melting pot of tastes, flavours and cultures: from Hungarian goulash to moussaka and Greek pita, from German frankfurter sausage to Austrian strudel, including kosher cuisine. The European Market also ranges from the scents of food and wine specialties of various countries, including Italy, to that of flowers or herbs to the beauty of some artisan products. Much of the event is based on the concept of street-food, with specialties that can be consumed by walking through the proposals of this edition.

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