Loquis: The fragile excellence of Giusy and Marina

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The fragile excellence of Giusy and Marina


Published on:  2019-06-11 14:56:00


Porcelain is like friendship: to be perfect it must be transparent; so is the collaboration between Giusy Chiarenza and Marina Malgioglio, born with the friendship that grew up around a passion, that for painting on porcelain, an ancient art made of so much meticulous work and extreme love for beauty. There are many events and awards obtained by these two artists, the first thing I experienced knowing them was a 'feeling of extreme serenity, follow their painting courses is equivalent to entering a Zen world leaving out of the door stress and city noise. Painting requires a lot of patience and the desire to develop a talent that you could hide right there, sleeping in the folds of everyday life. These two women are exactly like their painting, delicate and a bit 'romantic, their works are permanently exhibited at the Atelier Villaroel in Catania but I suggest you reserve at least a couple of hours in the company of Giusy and Marina to try to understand this fragile and ancient excellence.

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