Loquis: Merano, the Synagogue among the trees

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Merano, the Synagogue among the trees


Published on:  2019-06-10 10:03:00

  Kosher Life

Under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Merano became a health resort for people suffering from tuberculosis, with numerous sanatoriums and hospitals organised by Jewish doctors. In 1836, the community of Merano was established. In 1901 his rabbi inaugurated the synagogue, the first one granted by Austria in Tyrol. The last years of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century made it a real reference point and a small cultural and tourist centre. Josef and Katharina Bermann opened the first kosher restaurant in Merano in 1873. In 1880 Josef rented the Starkenhof guesthouse and transformed it into a kosher hotel, providing guests with religious services for the Shabbat. In 1918 Merano was taken over by Italy and in 1930 it became an autonomous community centre, the only one still today in Trentino Alto Adige, but seriously affected by deportations during the Second World War. Many German Jews took refuge there but could not save themselves. After the war, however, until 47, at least 15,000 survivors arrived in Merano, hospitalized in sanatoriums and assisted by Jewish organizations, before resuming the journey to Palestine. Merano has a small but very interesting Jewish museum.

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