Loquis: Francesca Giuffrida: l'essenza di "Ciurì"

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Francesca Giuffrida: l'essenza di "Ciurì"


Published on:  2019-06-09 11:24:00


Sicily is par excellence a land that knows no half-measures, for the light, for the volcano that groans under the restless earth or for the sea since from one of its extreme points it embraces even two and for its scents: powerful, decisive and unforgettable. Francesca has learned the art of capturing the very essence of her land; her fragrances are stories that tell much more than just orange blossom and reveal the secrets that jasmine does not reveal to everyone. The light breeze that carries the smell of the sea or the scent that you only feel under certain fig trees. From each ampoule are released fragrances that are a real happy marriage between unexpected elements. As a true designer of perfume, Francesca builds olfactory furnishing accessories, her brand, Ciurì, is a Sicilian excellence that I invite you to discover, but get ready because, like in a spell, those aromas will create a real dependence, are you ready to let yourself be captured?

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