Loquis: The Well of Gammazita in Catania

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The Well of Gammazita in Catania


Published on:  2019-06-01 22:40:00


Hidden under the road surface in the area of what was once the Giudecca sottana of Catania there is a well that hides love and death legends of Angevin Catania; the most famous is the story of Gammazita, beautiful and virtuous, that to escape the violence of a French soldier preferred to throw himself into the well, from there to become a symbol of virtue and courage the step was short.The walls of the well are still marked with red, blood? No, only for the most imaginative, in reality it is the iron that colors the rocks. Today the well can be visited thanks to the volunteers of the association "Gammazita" who have taken away from neglect a common good, organizing not only guided tours but also cultural events to help us rediscover a hidden heart of the city.

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