Loquis: Pachino: the wind of Vitaliano Brancati

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Pachino: the wind of Vitaliano Brancati


Published on:  2019-05-20 22:49:00


Pachino: the wind of Vitaliano Brancati We are almost in the extreme tip of eastern Sicily where the wind blows incessantly and rows of greenhouses delude the eye giving the impression of the shimmering sea, because it is the famous tomato to have given visibility to the country but has always been the wine its undisputed treasure. A country of farmers has never been as beautiful or fascinating as its fishing village, Marzamemi, now a fascinating and modaliola. But in Pachino was born Vitaliano Brancati among whose pages is sometimes told of this extreme place not far from the sea, the scene of American landings in "43 and equally sad landings in modern times. Pachino is forgotten in winter and rediscovered in summer for its beaches. If you want to discover it in summer know that here you will find one of the best fishing granite in the area and then take your time, sit here at the cafe "al ciclope" and enjoy your granita while you decide which beach to visit because it will be a success anyway.

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