Loquis: Milazzo: jasmine and perfume of revolution

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Milazzo: jasmine and perfume of revolution


Published on:  2019-05-20 21:08:00


It's 1930 and the Milazzo plain is a huge expanse of jasmine. It is the women who are responsible for the collection of these delicate flowers, more than two thousand between women and girls because they need delicate hands and small not to ruin the flowers. The pay is miserable and the work hard and barefoot in the swamps but in 1946 led by Grazia Saporita, known as, the bersagliera, the jasmines occupied the police station claiming more humane working conditions and got them, the salary increased and the women were equipped with equipment better suited to the work to be done. These workers had won! becoming an example for all Sicily beyond the strait. Those cultivations no longer exist, but the city has dedicated a road to the jasmine of Milazzo and when you smell the scent of jasmine think that these outside smell of revolution.

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