Loquis: Islamic Catania: the mosque

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Islamic Catania: the mosque


Published on:  2019-05-19 22:33:47


Islamic Catania: the mosque The Islamic community of the city has taken over an old fabric depot to renovate it and make it what has now become the largest mosque in the south with a space, on the top floor, dedicated to study, writing classes and events. The guide welcomes us with a grace worthy of Alberto Angela illustrating history and anecdotes, with a tone that conveys a great serenity and dedicating a little thought to the importance of reading and knowledge. Unfortunately, there is no architectural evidence of the Islamic presence in the city, the mosque itself is modern but built not far from the place where once stood one. We immerse ourselves in a world and a culture so far away yet so close and where there is no extremism but healthy reception the exchange really becomes culture and today I feel like I have returned home a little richer.

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