Loquis: Palermo and that... deadly vinegar

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Palermo and that... deadly vinegar


Published on:  2019-05-18 19:36:14


Palermo and that... deadly vinegar We are in Palermo in the Zisa district and we are at the end of the 18th century when Giovanna Bonanno, known as "the old woman of vinegar" passed herself off as a healer, being instead a charlatan, spreading an ointment that said it would serve to restore serenity to families. The ointment was called "arcane vinegar liqueur", that unknown mixture had the power to free unhappy wives from uncomfortable husbands, without leaving compromising traces. However, Bonanno's career was cut short in 1780 when all those mysterious deaths in the neighborhood inevitably led back to her. The woman was hanged from the "four songs" but there are those who swear to have seen her spirit wander through the old town certainly less dangerous than the body that welcomed her in life.

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