Loquis: Vizzini: the ghost town of "cunziria"

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Vizzini: the ghost town of "cunziria"


Published on:  2019-05-18 19:11:00



We are in the Vergese territories, just outside Vizzini, in the direction of Ragusa Ibla, and here we see an abandoned complex of incredible charm, small houses, one clinging to the other, where once the leather was tanned thanks to the sun and water that from the stream Masera reached the small artisan village: "a cunziria" precisely, the tannery, came into the shops thanks to water collection tanks. The village is now uninhabited for some time but climbing its streets between the stone and the scent of orange blossom you dive into the novels of Verga, it seems to still feel the torment of the she-wolf and not for nothing Gabriele Lavia chose this place as a set for his film of the same name, I still seem to hear the cries of Alfio and Turiddu in their duel in "Cavalleria rusticana". Here now everything is silence, nature and the slow passage of time, waiting for a redevelopment that prevents this village from the inevitable decline.

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