Loquis: Ragusa Ibla and the church of the holy souls of purgatory

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Ragusa Ibla and the church of the holy souls of purgatory


Published on:  2019-05-17 10:37:00


Ragusa Ibla is the church of the holy souls of purgatory. The Baroque town of Ragusa Ibla is clinging to a hill where narrow streets and picturesque views immerse visitors in a golden light thanks to its stone. Beautiful during the day, it is decidedly fascinating when evening falls and it is precisely at nightfall, passing by the church of the saated souls of purgatory, that a popular story comes to mind; in fact, the church stands on the remains of a noble palace in which lived two newlyweds killed by the Inquisition because accused by a priest in love with the young bride who had refused the advances. The priest in revenge hid compromising evidence inside the palace and then denounced the newlyweds. The spirits of the couple wandered incessantly through the palace tormenting the anguished priest who had it demolished to build over the current church hoping to find peace and who knows ... has ever found it?

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