Loquis: Catania: that very strong weak sex

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Catania: that very strong weak sex


Published on:  2019-05-16 20:21:00


When the sleeping beauty realized that she had to go out there often alone to take her life, the prince charming a bit 'confused began to give up white horse, armor and sword to grab a razor and launch himself to the conquest of epilation, preferably final. In all this confusion, the only ones to keep fighting, feeding on the social insecurities, were the orcs, ah! those who were always ready to hit. a spell was needed to give our princess a 'physical and psychological armor, was born the personal defense. Fables aside, in reality the personal trainer Helenia Zappalà tells us how many women have recently approached this discipline, for many reasons and without age limits, that's why his page was born "Helenia Zappalà defender trainer self-defense" and the collaboration with various gyms and facilities, for example, at the end of June, under the sun of Lido "Le Capannine" Helenia will accompany us on a path of personal defense. A woman for other women, this is also excellence. for info Cell. 3891963143

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