Loquis: Catania liberty and the atmosphere of Villa del Grado

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Catania liberty and the atmosphere of Villa del Grado


Published on:  2019-05-14 20:23:00


The baroque dominates the black city of Etna with its lava stone but there is a more secluded liberty style that gives its lightness to the center of the modern city. At number 209 of Corso Italia, beyond a gate with sinuous lines, stands Villa del Grado ex Villa Cocuzza, an example of rare beauty. The garden is a small botanical garden full of exotic and autochthonous plants that give the villa a fresh, timeless atmosphere by turning around a lava flow, part of which is also visible in the basement of the building. The only discordant note is represented by having wanted to use a portion of the building as a commercial space and an anachronistic music tears us away from historical atmosphere to bring us back to a present too metropolitan, but the liberty continues to smile from the friezes of the balconies and we, inevitably, respond.

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