Loquis: Torre Amati, Capece e di Porta Grande

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Torre Amati, Capece e di Porta Grande


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


The three structures constitute a complex of urban towers that characterizes the ancient farmhouse of Cisternino, whose gateway was located at Porta Grande, a Norman Swabian building dating back to the thirteenth century. About 17 meters high, on the top of which there is a small statue of St. Nicholas, the Norman Tower of Porta Grande has undergone various adaptations over the centuries, the last of which in 1995. It is currently owned by the Municipality and is used for exhibitions and cultural events. Annexed instead to the Ricci-Capece palace, the tower of the same name is also called the Vento tower. In via San Quirico outside the walls, there are Palazzo Amati and its tower dating back to the late Middle Ages.

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