Loquis: Castello di Gallipoli

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Castello di Gallipoli


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


The defensive stronghold of the city of Gallipoli, the castle is totally surrounded by the sea. Located to the east of the "beautiful city" it has the peculiarity of being visible already from the entrance of the peninsula, which encloses the ancient village of the city at the entrance to the seventeenth-century bridge, formerly a drawbridge, which connects the isthmus to the mainland. In ancient times the fortified structure was probably separated from the surrounding territory. Lapped by the sea on all its sides, it appears today with a quadrangular shape surrounded by four towers in the corners and a fifth, the «Rivellino», detached from the perimeter and isolated in the waters. Currently the Gallipoli Castle has become an attractive and open pole of operation throughout the year.

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