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Palazzo Morelli


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


Built in 1819, Palazzo Morelli di Locorotondo, a short walk from the municipal library, is a fine example of civil architecture. In 1870 the building was renovated in some parts refining its architectural appearance, with the overlap of a small circular aedicule, which once formed one of the minor bell towers next to the dome of the current church. On the main facade of the building stands the sumptuous richly decorated portal, on which the family crest and an auspicious mask stand out. Worthy of attention and still well preserved, are also the splendid small balconies that bear the characteristic railings in wrought iron with goose breasts, peculiar characteristic of many baroque constructions of Southern Italy. Crossing the entrance door, a pretty courtyard opens up, where around the external staircase one can see a hierarchical distribution of the spaces, typical of dominical dwellings.

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