Loquis: Palazzo Marchesale (Castello)

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Palazzo Marchesale (Castello)


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


The Palazzo Marchesale di Laterza was built in 1548 on the ruins of the ancient castle of the fourteenth century. Of the original fortified complex, today there is a basement about two meters deep, connected to the church of Vittoria. It was in the sixteenth century that the feudal lords of Azzia decided to completely rebuild the fort, making the noble residence more dignified, hospitable and secure, while preserving some parts of the previous structure. The palace, as well as the previous castle, required considerable defensive measures on the north side, while, on the south side, the ravines of the ravine provided a natural and impenetrable defense for the entire village. It was, instead, at the northern point that once existed a moat, a drawbridge, crenellated walls and loopholes.

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