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Palazzo Ducale


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


In the prestigious place in which the castle of Raimondello Orsini was built in 1388, in 1668 the Ducal Palace of Martina Franca rises, work of the architect from Bergamo Giovanni Andrea Carducci, and today seat of the municipal offices. Simple and linear in the main façade, the structure summarizes various architectural features typical of Renaissance art combined with Baroque decorative elements, made by skilled local stonemasons, not far from the typical decorativism of Salentine art. Built between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries, the complex that dominates Piazza Roma was started in 1668 by Petracone Quinto Caracciolo, who chose that place for his residence. The building not only exalted the political, economic and artistic role of the family, but consecrated its feudal power over the entire duchy.

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