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Palazzo Pirelli


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


Between Piazza Duomo and Via De Pace, in front of the cathedral and the Municipality of Gallipoli, stands Palazzo Pirelli, a building of the fifteenth century, which welcomes its guests' entrance with a portal refined by two double columns. The loggia and the upper windows are in Baroque style, while the ancient entrance now houses the Provenzano pharmacy, where it is possible to admire a delicate ceiling decorated with references to Minerva Armata and the goddess of Fortune, with festoons and stone tiles and masks dating back sixteenth century. In these decorations we find the symbol of the city, a sign that in the past the building housed the town hall. The building was once owned by the Pirelli barons of Neviano, extinct in the eighteenth century, while today it belongs to the Arlotta - Provenzano family.

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