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Parco archeologico


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


It starts on the trail of the first inhabitants of Salento in Alezio, the Messapian city par excellence, where the Archaeological Park and the nearby Civic Museum, established in 1982, contain unique finds dating back to the Messapian period. The archaeological park houses 18 isolated Messapian burials or in small groups, all made of local limestone, found during excavations and construction works in the area or recovered from the Monte d'Elia area. On all stands the large monumental tomb, composed of 20 slabs of local tuff brought to light only in 1965. The adjacent Museo Civico Messapico, set up in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Tafuri, houses the precious gold of funerary objects, the important epigraphic documentation, toys in terracotta, balsamari, the characteristic «trozzelle» with a handle decorated with fanciful little wheels, and a model that reproduces the necropolis of Monte D'Elia.

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