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Palazzo Gallone


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


Surrounded by a wall and a defensive moat, the Palazzo Gallone di Tricase once had two entrances, one from the sea and the other from the countryside. Following a Turkish siege, the complex was almost completely gutted. The reconstruction was therefore necessary, built after almost a century by the Gallone family, from whose memory the heraldic crest on the main entrance is preserved. Among the characteristic elements of the building stand out a tower and a tower, in memory of the fourteenth-century building, and the central complex of 1661 realized by Stefano II Gallone, first prince of Tricase. The project included as many rooms as there are days of the year, plus a throne room, which could accommodate more than a thousand people. Purchased in the mid-twentieth century by the Municipality of Tricase, it was restored and became the seat of the municipal administration.

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