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Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


It is a window on history, the Roman amphitheater in the heart of modern Lecce, in the central Piazza Sant'Oronzo, like a journey back in time, surrounded by the buildings of the Fascist period and the scent of traditional pastries in the bars of the square. The elliptical amphitheater of the ancient Lupiae has an elliptical plan, partly underground and partly supported by arches supported by tuff columns. It stands at the eastern edge of the Roman city and dates back to the Augustan age, built to accommodate a maximum of 14,000 spectators, welcomed on the double order of tiers of which only the lower one remains today. Particularly interesting are the fragments of friezes that emerged during the excavations and the Latin inscriptions, which are found in the gallery dug into the rock that surrounds the arena. Particularly noteworthy is the group of chalice capitals and some bas-reliefs with scenes of venationes. Near the amphitheater, today an elegant setting for shows and concerts, there is a pre-Roman necropolis, where Messapian inscriptions were found.

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