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Anfiteatro romano


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


It opens on the eastern outskirts of Lucera, the Augustan amphitheater, dating back to the first century after Christ, among the oldest in southern Italy built in honor of Caesar Augustus, probably the first amphitheater dedicated to the Emperor unearthed during excavations from 1932 to 1945. Until the triumph of Christianity, the amphitheater was a place of leisure used for gymnastic shows fights of gladiators, executions and naumachie. In 663 it was devastated by the troops of Costante II and its remains used by Frederick II in the construction of the Imperial Palace. Elliptical in plan, the amphitheater is distinguished by the considerable dimensions that testify to the importance of the city rich capital of Daunia and military stronghold. The arena is 9 meters below the ground level, bordered by a canal with a system of caves that were used for fairs. Adjacent to the building are the remains of gyms, infirmaries and other public buildings in which injured fighters were helped, and a small cemetery for fallen gladiators. Of great interest are the two portals, reconstructed at the outlets of the corridors adorned with floral motifs and symbolic representations.

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