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Palazzo Martini Carissimo


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


Nestled in the historic center of Oria, in Piazza Domenico Albanese, Palazzo Martini Carissimo is a typical example of eighteenth-century Mannerist-Renaissance architecture, sober and elegant, very widespread throughout the upper Salento. The dwelling is built around a square atrium overlooked by the portico of the staircase and the windows on the first floor. On the main façade, a refined arched portal is surmounted by a lively entablature which acts as a floor to the balcony above: here a relief coat of arms of the city of Oria overlooks the central window. At the balconies there are ovals that give light to the top floor of the attics. The accessible interiors have some rooms with star-shaped vaults, two of which have recently restored frescoes. Currently it is partly home to the offices of the justice of the peace while some rooms of the first floor host exhibitions, conferences and other cultural initiatives.

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