Loquis: Anfiteatro di Egnazia

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Anfiteatro di Egnazia


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


The pulsating center of ancient Rome, a hub of trade and commerce thanks to the nearby port, the city of Egnazia rises on the ruins of the ancient Gnathia, dating back to the Bronze Age and is today one of the most important archaeological sites in the region wonderfully lapped by the sea . In Roman times, the city of Egnazia was crossed by the Via Traiana, whose furrows are still visible. The forum and the so-called amphitheater are also of Roman age, probably used not for entertainment but as a square in the forum, used as a market. Also from the Roman period are the civil Basilica, with the Aula delle Tre Grazie, the two early Christian basilicas, the Sacellum of the eastern divinities and the cryptoporticus, preserved in excellent condition.

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