Loquis: Palazzo del Seminario

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Palazzo del Seminario


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


The Palazzo del Seminario is the most important baroque monument in Brindisi. It was Archbishop Paolo de Villana Perlas who wanted to build it and according to some sources it was designed by Mauro Manieri. Some elements of the structure show that the building underwent some changes in the construction phase compared to the initial project as happened for the rear part where a keep was placed. Some of the materials used for the palace's decorations come from the Basilica of San Leucio, including the white marbles that frame the windows and doors of the main facade. The palace holds a precious relic brought by the crusaders back from Jerusalem, the Idria of Cana, the only surviving jar in which Jesus during the wedding of Cana transformed water into wine.

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