Loquis: Museo provinciale del Territorio

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Museo provinciale del Territorio


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


In Foggia, in via Arpi, the millenary history of the Capitanata is revealed in the Provincial Museum of the Territory, established in 1998 by the provincial administration. The articulated museum itinerary opens with the description of the boundaries of the province through a series of interesting thematic cartographies, to then continue with the identification of the settlements and urban centers from the first to the fifteenth century after Christ. Through the finds and reconstructions we can admire the evolving characteristics of agricultural work, from the royal farmhouses of the thirteenth century, to the rural complexes of the territory in the nineteenth century. Also art has its essential role in the long journey that culminates with a deepening on the rich heritage of cultural assets of the Capitanata.

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