Loquis: Museo Malacologico delle Argille

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Museo Malacologico delle Argille


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


A seventeenth century farmhouse is a treasure trove of the Malacological Museum of the Argillias of Cutrofiano, a teeming display of fossils that for centuries populated the former clay quarry. Opened in 1999, the museum rests on an area that represents one of the very few examples of environmental recovery in Italy for scientific-educational purposes. Spread over about twelve hectares, the field consists of several geological strata of marine origin, some of which are very rich in fossils, particularly molluscs. Walking through the spaces of the exhibition it is possible to retrace the geological eras following the stories of the information panels, admire the model of the Cava Lustrelle, and discover how a layer of blue clay is composed.

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