Loquis: Mu.Civi.te. - Casa del Capitano

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Mu.Civi.te. - Casa del Capitano


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


In the heart of the ancient center of Faeto, there is this lovely Renaissance building, which was probably the residence of the governor of the town, even if the local tradition wants it to be the residence of the bandit chief. The building, called 'Casa del Capitano', shows a beautiful mullioned window made up of small columns and adorned with masks, probably coming from the disappeared Monastery of San Salvatore. Inside is the Civic Museum 'Mu-Civi-te' which houses the permanent exhibition 'The High Celone Valley': a collection of exhibits that illustrate the history of local settlements from prestige to the Middle Ages. One can thus admire prehistoric tools from the Samnite and Roman periods, but also medieval stone fragments, among which the fragment of an extraordinary crucifix stands out.

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