Loquis: Museo di Paleontologia e paletnologia 'D.De Lorentiis'

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Museo di Paleontologia e paletnologia 'D.De Lorentiis'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:20


The rich collection of the De Lorentiis Museum of Paleontology and Palethnology occupies the rooms on the ground floor of the prestigious Palazzo Sticchi in Maglie. Natural result of a long excavation activity on the territory conducted by local scholars and enthusiasts was founded in 1960. It is an educational museum, full of explanatory panels that illustrate phases and aspects of history and civilization in the chronological period between the Cretaceous and the Age of Metals The most extensive documentation is inherent to the period from the beginning of the Upper Pleistocene to the end of the Bronze Age and reconstructs all the stages of the human population of the territory with an interesting ethnographic section. The current exhibition itinerary is organized into four sections: Geology and Paleontology, Paleolithic and Prehistoric Art, Neolithic, Metals Age and Ethnography. In addition, a restoration laboratory and various educational services are active in the Museum.

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