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Museo Archeologico Nazionale


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The National Archaeological Museum of Manfredonia is set up in the suggestive halls of the Castello Svevo Angioino, and is divided into several sections that illustrate the presence of man in the Daunia starting from the Neolithic. The findings from the Grotta Scaloria outline the features of an ancient cult of water, with a ceremonial that included the collection of drops that fell from the vault into painted ceramic containers and into a basin dug out of the rock. The exhibition on the Neolithic villages of Candelaro and Coppa Nevigata is an ideal journey into prehistory. You can also admire the materials found in the prehistoric hypogeums of the mouth of the Ofanto, where propitiatory rites related to hunting and fertility took place. The important collection of Stele Daunie tells the story of the Sipontina lagoon between the seventh and sixth centuries BC. The stelae were stuck vertically in the ground and probably represent stylized figures with geometric decorations.

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