Loquis: Polo Museale della città di Conversano

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Polo Museale della città di Conversano


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Conversano Museum Center includes the Pinacoteca of the Aragonese Castle, where you can also admire the permanent exhibition of historical clothes "Nozze al Castello" and the archaeological section set up in the rooms around the Chiostro di San Benedetto. The artistic selection unfolds between the halls of representation of the Castle and, among others, includes the large canvases of "La Gerusalemme Liberata" by the Neapolitan Paolo Domenico Finoglio, considered to be the largest non-religious seventeenth-century Italian cycle. In the rooms on the second floor there are also temporary exhibitions and conferences. In the archaeological section, instead, one can admire finds from Prehistory to the Roman age, including Paleolithic flints and stone tools from the caves of Conversano and Monopoli. The archaeological section is accessed from Piazza della Conciliazione while the interior of the castle contains the artistic section.

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