Loquis: Museo Archeologico Nazionale 'Jatta'

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Museo Archeologico Nazionale 'Jatta'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The National Archaeological Museum «Jatta» is located in some rooms of the neoclassical Palazzo Jatta, in the heart of Ruvo di Puglia. The rich museum collection includes artifacts of the most famous Greek and Apulian ceramographers and painters. In the first room you can admire figured and architectural terracottas, trozzelle daunie and black-painted vases. The itinerary continues in the second room with the large masked crater, by the Baltimore painter. In the Stanza dei Rhità are jugs with zoomorphic decorations and the last exhibition section is dominated by the most important vase in the collection, the red-figure attic crater, decorated by the painter Talos datable to the fifth century BC. Inside Palazzo Jatta you can also visit a period noble apartment, with a picture gallery part of the furniture, tapestries, decorations and original floors. Eight rooms are open to the public: entrance hall, chapel, sitting room, bedroom, library, dining room, ballroom and ancestor's gallery.

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