Loquis: Museo Provinciale di Storia Naturale

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Museo Provinciale di Storia Naturale


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Provincial Natural History Museum of Foggia is a treasure trove of geo-mineralogical, malacological and faunal finds. The collection dedicated to the animal world includes many species including a large number of ornithological specimens. In the museum itinerary you can also admire a rich display of minerals and rocks, together with paleontological materials and an interesting malacological collection with more than 500 molluscs from all over the world, in particular from Europe. Recently acquired are the casts of a Dinosaur about 2 meters high and a Pterosaur, a flying reptile with a wingspan of about 4 meters. To complete the visit there are various educational and informative supports.

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