Loquis: Polo museale di Ascoli Satriano

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Polo museale di Ascoli Satriano


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Ascoli Satriano museum complex is located in the monumental complex of Santa Maria del Popolo, consisting of the church and the monastery. It houses the "Pasquale Rosario" civic museum on the ground floor and the diocesan museum on the first floor. The latter also houses the permanent exhibition 'Policromie del Sublime': a collection of polychrome marbles from era dauna, which includes the Thapezophoros dei Grifoni. The route starts from the civic museum where you can admire numerous artifacts including a marble statue depicting a hunter child (second century after Christ), found during excavations in the Faragola area, and a plate of fine workmanship found in the tomb of the Warrior, on hill of the Snake. Noteworthy is the section entitled 'The Waste Required', dedicated to the luxury in which the women of Daunia lived, including artifacts found in the tombs of the Archaeological Park of the Dauni and consisting of fragments of jewelery in gold, silver and bronze, glass cups for perfumes and balms, amphorae and decorated ceramic vases. The itinerary continues to the first floor with the gallery of portraits of the Bishops: the picture gallery arranged in various rooms includes paintings of the eighteenth century depicting the Virgin Saints Jesuits and Mary Magdalene coming from Cerignola and Ortanova. Of particular value is the "Madonna and Child on the throne" from Cerignola, dating from the thirteenth to the fourteenth century and an "Ecce Homo" by Luca Giordano. Rich is the collection of sacred furnishings in silver, like that of sacred vestments in silk embroidered with gold threads.

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