Loquis: Quadreria 'Enrico Giannelli'

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Quadreria 'Enrico Giannelli'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


Housed in the halls of Palazzo Ferrari in Parabita, the picture gallery dedicated to Enrico Giannelli holds the complete collection of paintings and sculptures by the original artist from Alezio. In the same building there are also the testimonies of the Museum of the poster, exhibition of about 70 thousand posters of various subjects ranging from advertising to cinema to art. The Giannelli collection, donated to the Municipality of Parabita in 1924, is proudly displayed in the rooms of the historic residence, where 43 paintings lie with frames commissioned specifically for the paintings and ten sculptures. The collection also includes a small library that houses art and numismatic titles, as well as catalogs of national and international exhibitions.

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