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Museo Civico Messapico


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


Housed in an eighteenth-century palace, once owned by the Tafuri family, the Messapic Civic Museum of Alezio was created in 1982 following the excavation campaigns in the Messapian necropolis. Of notable importance are the epigraphic documentation and the showcase of the golds, splendid jewels of the first century BC, while the exposed funerary objects come from finds that lay under the city and in the area of Monte d'Elia, which can be placed between the fourth and third century ahead christ. Once through the entrance, it is possible to admire objects in acroma or decorated with brown bands of local production, including a trozzella, an ointment, a crater, bronze fibulae, ionic-type cups, a black-painted Guttus, remains of Skyphos eggshell with black paint, an anthropomorphic vase and other funerary testimonies. In front of the museum is the outdoor archaeological park, where you can appreciate different types of Messapian tombs dating from between the sixth and second century BC.

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