Loquis: Museo delle Tradizioni Popolari

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Museo delle Tradizioni Popolari


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The precious architectural complex of the thirteenth century of the Abbey of Santa Maria Cerrate, not far from Lecce, also contains a Museum of popular traditions. In the rooms there is a pleasant journey to discover the uses and customs of Salento, through everyday objects and work tools that characterized the everyday life of the past. Among the various reconstructions of domestic environments of the early twentieth century, such as the bedroom and the dining room, one can admire numerous devotional objects including papier-mâché statues and tools used by the farmers of the past. In the weaving room ancient handlooms are preserved and the more adventurous visitors can penetrate the belly of the earth by exploring two underground oil mills with the original stone millstones.

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