Loquis: Museo della Civiltà Contadina 'Dino Bianco'

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Museo della Civiltà Contadina 'Dino Bianco'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Caracciolo Castle in Sammichele di Bari hosts the "Dino Bianco" Museum of Rural Life, which houses the donated collection of Professor Vito Donato Bianco in 1968. The exhibition route reopened to the public in 2004 allows visitors to admire agricultural tools and instruments, from the nineteenth century to the 1950s. The finds are arranged on three floors and to welcome the visitor are a manuscript of the founder and an old wine flask, symbol of the museum. On the first floor there are plows and other tools necessary for working in the fields, used to plow the land and threshing wheat. The second floor is dedicated to peasant religiosity, with valuable wooden and papier-mâché statues and paintings.

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