Loquis: Museo Civico 'Carlo Gaetano Nicastro'

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Museo Civico 'Carlo Gaetano Nicastro'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


An interesting collection of finds dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, the Civic Museum of Bovino is named after the surgeon Carlo Gaetano Nicastro, a local historian and honorary inspector for works of antiquity and art. The donation of his private collection, coming from the excavation campaigns conducted in the territory, was the founding act of the museum that saw the light in 1925 in the halls of Palazzo Pisani, in the heart of the historic center. Today the collections include an archaeological collection with artifacts dating from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, including amphorae, bowls, axes and oil lamps, a collection of 18th-century majolica and a collection of coins dating from the third century BC to the sixteenth century after Christ. Among the latest finds is an honorary base dedicated to the emperor Caracalla, where in the last line of the inscription we read «Vibina», an important testimony of the ancient name attributed to Bovino by the Romans.

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