Loquis: MAPRI - Museo Archeologico Provinciale 'Francesco Ribezzo'

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MAPRI - Museo Archeologico Provinciale 'Francesco Ribezzo'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Provincial Archaeological Museum "Francesco Ribezzo" of Brindisi is located in Piazza Duomo and houses an important collection of finds from Prehistory to the Roman Age, with sections dedicated to sections dedicated to epigraphy, statuary and underwater archeology. Established in 1884 and set up in its current location in 2009, the museum is named after Francesco Ribezzo, a scholar of Messapic civilization. The museum itinerary begins on the external portico, leading the visitor to discover the civilizations that have followed one another in the territory. Of particular value are the bronzes found in 1992 in the waters of Punta del Serrone, including sculptures or fragments of anatomical parts and draperies that traveled aboard a wrecked boat. The rich collection of ceramics houses Greek imported vases and pottery of local production dating from between the seventh and third centuries BC. The epigraphic section includes inscriptions in Latin and, statuary, togaed and loricate figures and female figures from the first to the second century after Christ.

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