Loquis: Museo 'Ugo Granafei'

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Museo 'Ugo Granafei'


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Norman Swabian Castle of Mesagne houses the "Ugo Granafei" Museum, which houses archaeological finds of great value. To admire is the important collection of pottery from the Bronze Age, together with Roman finds and medieval ceramics. The museum itinerary also includes a numismatic collection with Greek coins from the local mints of Taranto, Metaponto, Sibari and Crotone, and medieval coins. A perfectly preserved semichamber of 250 BC, completes the exhibition with its rich funerary equipment. Finally, the lapidarium collects Latin inscriptions, tombstones and millstones of the Messapian age.

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