Loquis: Riserva naturale regionale orientata Bosco delle Pianelle

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Riserva naturale regionale orientata Bosco delle Pianelle


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


The Bosco delle Pianelle regional nature reserve covers an area of 1205 hectares in the area of Martina Franca, on the border with the municipalities of Crispiano and Massafra. In this splendid wood, lying along the slopes of the Gravina delle Pianelle, the phenomenon of thermal inversion takes place which allows an enormous richness and variety of flora. Particularly noteworthy is the Gravina del Vuolo, known for the presence of the Grotta del Sergente Romano, alleged refuge of the last brigand of Puglia. The numerous species of mammals that live in the reserve, such as the weasel, the badger and the fox, are also particularly interesting, immersed in the scents of the forest among strawberry trees, mastic trees and wild orchids. In the woods it is possible to make excursions on foot or by bicycle for more than 15 kilometers of equipped trails and eventually make a brief stop in one of the picnic areas set up inside the reserve. Furthermore, a guesthouse offers the possibility of overnight stay.

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