Loquis: Riserva naturale regionale orientata Bosco di Cerano

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Riserva naturale regionale orientata Bosco di Cerano


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


Extended in the territories of the Municipalities of Brindisi and San Pietro Vernotico, the Bosco di Cerano holds the last part of the forest that once covered most of the coast. Also called «Tramazzone», the forest is spread over an area of about one thousand hectares in the shade of holm oak, elm and black hornbeam. From a wildlife point of view, the Cerano wooded area presents a wide variety of specimens that live in close relationship and harmony with environmental resources. The yew, the fox and the rodents are wandering around in the green, while around 60 species of birds are all to be admired, including the octopus, the goldfinch, the finch, the blackcap and the nightingale.

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