Loquis: Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia

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Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


Extended from the Adriatic coast to the Lucani mountains, the Alta Murgia National Park preserves the last example of Mediterranean steppe present in Italy. Composed mainly of calcareous rocks, tuffs and deposits of clays, the entire plateau is rich in mushrooms, lampascioni, wild asparagus and cardoncelli. In the green stand out the dry stone buildings, which during the transhumance served as shelter for the animals. Massive and majestic the farms, some fortified as real castles, were the vital centers of the local agricultural economy from the fifteenth century. The pride of the park is Castel del Monte, the mysterious manor built by the «stupor mundi» Frederick II as a hunting lodge once animated by falconers and game.

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