Loquis: Castello di Sannicandro di Bari

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Castello di Sannicandro di Bari


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


Vigil over the historic center of Sannicandro di Bari, the medieval castle that is still isolated from a road that runs along the ancient moat. Consisting of two distinct parts, built by the Byzantines and the Swabians, the majestic building is considered a defensive castle against the Saracen invasions, which already in 916 was to guard the populations of the village of Sannicandro. Once the fort had eight fortification towers, of which only six survive. Of precious workmanship are the two portals, which respectively preserve the holes from which the chains of the drawbridge passed and the emblem of the Grimaldi princes, a feudal family who held the structure for a few decades. In 1800 the castle was used to raise funds for the maintenance of the Basilica and of the Chapter of San Nicola. Only in 1900, after the acquisition of the castle by the Municipality, did the restorations that restored the ancient splendor to the fortress.

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