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Castello Aragonese


Published on:  2019-04-15 09:44:00


The main fortification of the city of Taranto, the Aragonese Castle also known as Castel Sant'Angelo, traces the border between the old city and the new village in the Ionian capital. The manor, designed by the Sienese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, commissioned by Ferdinand of Aragon, around the end of the fifteenth century, lies on the sea to protect the navigable canal. Wanted by the King of Naples as a defense castle, the fortress was built on the basis of a Norman-era structure, whose central core was a fortress built by the Byzantines to protect themselves from the Saracens. Of particular interest are the wide and low towers, which emphasize the defense function. The Castle already used as a prison under the Habsburgs is now the seat of the Navy which opens the structure to guided tours, cultural events and events.

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