Loquis: Castello Svevo di Oria

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Castello Svevo di Oria


Published on:  2019-01-10 10:27:19


A gigantic stone jewel, which watches over the inhabitants from a hill halfway between Brindisi and Taranto. The Swabian Castle of Oria is a splendid construction built between 1225 and 1233 at the behest of Frederick II who over the centuries has been the residence of knights and noble princes. Of triangular plan, the manor is characterized by the three towers, defined Quadrata Del cavaliere and Del Salto: the first is of Frederick's matrix, while the other two are due to the Angevin domination. It is said that the haze, which sometimes surrounds the castle, according to popular tradition, is not simply an atmospheric phenomenon, but the re-enactment of an episode that occurred at the time of the construction of the castle known as the legend of 'Oria Fumosa. Not to be missed is the view of the castle at sunset, a striking postcard image that can be admired from anywhere in the city.

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